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Due to a large number of orders, I have suspended any further sales of overlays for now.

This product will be available again once I've cleared the order log, probably in January 2019. Apologies for any inconveniences caused.

What would an electr(on)ic instrument have looked like if it had been invented in the 1860s? This design takes inspiration from traditional control panels from the 19th century, with period-specific label fonts and fine-graded dials. The Behringer logo has been replaced with a fictional proto-Behringer symbol: a triangular prism imprinted with a human ear.

The design is named in the honour of Ada Lovelace - the original computer programmer (and the daughter of Lord Byron) - and is available in 5 classic colour themes: Prussian blue, Maroon red, Brunswick green, Slate grey and Oatmeal white.

If you choose to buy 2 or more overlays, use the coupon code BUY2+ at checkout to receive a 10% discount.

And if you buy 5 or more, use the code BUY5+ and get a massive 20% off!

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