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Due to a large number of orders, I have suspended any further sales of overlays for now.

This product will be available again once I've cleared the order log, probably in January 2019. Apologies for any inconveniences caused.

Want your Eurorack-mounted Neutron to look more Euroracky? 'Euroracked' to the rescue!

This design mimmicks the appearance of a set of separate modules in classic Doepfer-style aluminium grey. Alternatively, you can have it in a System 500 black, a dirty (no: murky) brown or a vintage System 100 blue-grey.

And while it cannot be disassembled into parts like the modular systems it emulates, it sure does blend in with the rest of your Eurorack.

If you choose to buy 2 or more overlays, use the coupon code BUY2+ at checkout to receive a 10% discount.

And if you buy 5 or more, use the code BUY5+ and get a massive 20% off!

Note: The Neutron and Behringer logos are the copyright and property of Behringer and MUSIC Tribe Global Brands Ltd, and do not represent any association of the products on this site with neither Behringer nor MUSIC Tribe Global Brands Ltd. The Neutron and Behringer logos are used with the knowledge and kind permission of Uli Behringer of Behringer and MUSIC Tribe Global Brands Ltd.

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